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  • Joining Digisakshar

    How can I join Digisakshar?

    To join DigiSakshar, all you have to do is provide your 10-digit mobile number. You will receive an OTP on this number, which you will have to insert on the Sign Up page to confirm your registration.

    Can I give a friend’s or family member’s mobile number to sign up?

    Yes, you can. However, you will need access to the phone to view and insert the OTP you will receive on this number. The OTP is a requirement for signing up and signing in (every time) to your DigiSakshar account.

    I am not in India. Can I still join DigiSakshar?

    Unfortunately, registering on DigiSakshar requires an Indian mobile number, so it is only open to Indian residents.

    Do I need to provide an email address to sign up or sign in to DigiSakshar?

    Currently you need not provide an email address. You will receive a request to update your profile once you create an email address. This will be used this for future communications.

    Do I need to provide proof of identity such as Aadhaar card?

    Not presently. However, you will be informed of any change in processes with respect to submission of identity proof.

    Do I have to pay to join and use DigiSakshar?

    No. You can join DigiSakshar and access any of its courses for free.

    Why is Digital literacy important for me?

    You can utilize the acquired knowledge from the platform in your day-to-day activities by using the gateway links provided on the platform. E.g.

    1. Avail banking services like opening of account or start using online payment methods.
    2. Sell you products online or get a job by registering with Urban Company, Amazon, Flipkart, Uber/Ola as a driver, use platforms like naukri.com and
    3. Use educational websites, to continue your studies by applying through NIOS, study online, make your projects, do mock test papers and prepare for scholarship examination.
    4. Avail government schemes online like getting Aadhar, passport, voter ID and many more.
  • Using Digisakshar

    Is there a limit to the number of the courses I can access on DigiSakshar?

    No. You can access any course you like, on-demand, anytime, anywhere.

    How will I find which course is suitable for me?

    You can take a short test to check your knowledge. This will help you to determine the section/courses that can be started with.

    How do I find courses on DigiSakshar?

    Go into the Courses section and browse the list.

    Will my access to any course on DigiSakshar ‘expire’?

    No, as long as

    • your mobile number remains active and you can log into DigiSakshar.
    • the course is still available on the platform; you can access the course with no time limit.

    Can I invite my friends to use DigiSakshar?

    You can! Send them the URL: https://digisakshar.org/ and ask them to register using their mobile numbers.

    Do you have a downloadable app?

    Of course you can! Simply send them the URL: https://digisakshar.org/ and ask them to register using their mobile numbers.

    Do you have a downloadable app?

    Not currently. But when we do, you will be the first to know!

    Can I use DigiSakshar on any device?

    As long as your device has internet and you have a browser application installed, you can use DigiSakshar.

    I am a differently abled person. Can I still use DigiSakshar?

    You can. DigiSakshar has been designed keeping in mind the accessibility limitations of differently abled users. Adjust your settings from the home page (click on the ‘blue man’ icon) and customize DigiSakshar as per your requirements.

    Do I need the Internet to use DigiSakshar? Can I use it offline?

    DigiSakshar is an online learning platform so you will need to be online to access it.

    How can I test my learning?

    Each course includes several assessments (e.g. quizzes) so you can test your own progress. You can submit each quiz an infinite number of times so you can take full control of your learning journey.

  • My Digisakshar profile

    What is on my profile?

    For now, only your name and phone number will be visible on your profile.

    How do I change the course type?

    Course type can be updated from the profile page.

    Do I need to keep my profile updated?

    Yes. We will use a phone number and email address for future communications.

  • Payment

    Do you have any ‘premium’ courses?

    No, all our courses are free and accessible to all registered users.

Digisakshar is a user-friendly digital learning platform offering free, on-demand, universal access to a variety of courses across different subject areas. Each course is designed by subject matter experts and qualified instructional designers who all have one goal – to enable learners to easily access knowledge and better their lives.

Digisakshar is developed under Connecting for Good, a CSR initiative of Vodafone Idea Limited.

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