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Why should vidya (learning) be limited to the classroom? Digisakshar’s courses are completely online so you can learn whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want! All you need is a device and an Internet connection, and the whole wide world of Digisakshar’s content will be at your fingertips.

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Curated, personalised content

Digisakshar offers carefully curated learning material in a variety of learning areas. Content is personalised to your interests so you can pick the subject or course of your choice. Browse it or explore it in detail. You can also test your own knowledge, mark your learning status, bookmark your favourite topics, receive notifications that keep you updated on site changes and do a lot more with Digisakshar.

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Multi-level courses for every learner age group

It doesn’t matter what knowledge level you’re currently at: beginner, intermediate or expert! Our courses are designed keeping these levels and our audience in mind, so no matter your current knowledge level, learning level or age, we have courses to take you even further on your learning journey.

You can even leave your feedback or comments on Digisakshar’s interactive portal. Help Digisakshar get better and help other learners learn and improve. Your learning is just a few clicks away!


Question bank, quiz engine and assessment module

Test your knowledge level, improve your learning outcomes and enhance your knowledge with Digisakshar’s unique features: a curated question bank, a personalised quiz engine and multi-level assessment modules.

Simply pick your topic; Digisakshar will provide everything you need to boost your knowledge and become digitally literate in your favourite subjects!


Accessible, inclusive website for all kinds of users

Digisakshar is designed keeping in mind the needs of all kinds of users, even those with disabilities. From bold fonts and adjustable text heights to a high-contrast mode and link underline feature – Digisakshar includes a number of functionalities to make learning easy and inclusive for all.


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Digisakshar offers a number of subjects and courses to choose from. All you have to do is log in (it’s free!), create your profile and start learning your favourite subject. You can access basic content without a login. But the best way to take full advantage of everything Digisakshar has to offer is to register. Your profile and personal repository will automatically track your progress so you can accelerate your learning journey step by step.

On-demand learning in a user-friendly, no-hassle format – only on Digisakshar!


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The website is very well designed and the interface is user friendly. I enjoyed the lessons and videos on the website and learned a lot from them.


I liked the website and its content. The quiz part is really good. I am looking forward to use this website and complete all the courses.


Digisakshar Learning Partners

A number of organisations all over India support Digisakshar. We are grateful to these partners who enable us to deliver the best learning outcomes to knowledge-seekers, regardless of where they are or what they want to learn